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Nadia's life has been steeped in music and rhythm from an early age, with her father being a drummer and her mother a ballroom dancer. Immersed in this artistic environment, Nadia began competing in various musical competitions at age 11, winning many of them. By 16, she started singing fado professionally, releasing her debut album, "Fado Português," in 2015.

Her journey included a significant performance in Porto in 2014 and her first charity concert in Lisbon, which saw a large turnout. In 2018, she performed at Casa Museu Amalia Rodrigues and appeared on RTP 1’s "Agora Nós," singing and being interviewed. She continued her musical career with a concert at the Museum of Alfredo Marceneiro in 2019.

Nadia is also a member of the musical trio "Entre Nós," with guitarist Omar de Loiola Pereira and mandolin/violinist Selwyn Menezes. The trio performs a diverse repertoire, including songs from the 80s and 90s in multiple languages, demonstrating Nadia's linguistic versatility.

In 2020, she sang Portugal's national anthem for the Embassy of Portugal in India. In 2022, she represented Lusophone countries at the World Portuguese Day in Delhi. Nadia has performed with renowned artists like Zakir Hussain, Rakesh Chaurasia, and Ranjit Barot at the Serendipity Arts Festival in 2023. Recently, she performed in Macau and Hong Kong to celebrate 50 years of Portuguese democracy. Nadia has frequently participated in the Monte Music Festival in Goa and has been featured on various TV shows, such as "Tuning2you" by Soumik Datta and a Nexa collaboration hosted by Karan Tacker.

Nadia aspires to leave a lasting impression through her singing, bringing recognition to her state and country on the global stage.

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