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Student Entrepreneur


Mridula Manasvi is a 17-year-old IB Year 1 student at TISB with a strong sense of curiosity and adventure. She has a passion for learning and exploring new things, complemented by a dedication to making a positive difference in the world. Founder of the NPO "The Plantterra" and the company "Gabiasplice," Mridula is committed to environmental and social causes. With a keen interest in biology and chemistry, she aspires to become a doctor. A creative individual, she enjoys sketching, painting, and crafting, which helps her approach problems from unique perspectives.


Mridula discusses her journey from childhood curiosity to environmental advocacy, founding "The Plantterra" to empower sustainable actions against climate change.

Fun Facts:

Mridula loves murder mysteries, especially Agatha Christie. Music is essential to her, with 720 songs on her playlist, and she adores her six kittens.

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