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Varun Carvalho truly believes that music has the power to bring about the change in the world that we want to see. Varun travels to different parts of the world and connects to people through his music coz for him music is his connection to the world. Varun fuses his music with the local music of the area creating a higher sound and uniting the people in a higher vibration.

Varun will speak on his own journey from a stammerer who was so scared to even open his mouth to singing his way into the hearts of people in different parts of the world . Varun will go deep into riddim and will practically show you how he used riddim inside of him to overcome the stammer barrier and in the process become a singer.

Varun always wanted to play professional cricket , but in those days the only way to go to the UK was as a dentist, so through dentistry he managed to fulfill his dream of playing for a cricket club in the UK. Varun is also a good chef, so when Varun is around , you don’t need to worry as he will make sure you don’t go hungry. Varun started seriously cooking in the lockdown and fed people on the streets and later on fused food and music to create the music food space Reggae Haven in Cavelossim,Goa.


Finding my riddim, Finding my voice, From stammerer to singer,Breaking the sound barrier

Fun Facts:

  • A lot of people say they recognize me by my laugh, so I guess I laugh a lot

  • The BBC once came and shot a documentary on me and they called me the Singing Dentist

  • In college, our cricket captain used to called me Warnie coz my bowling style was very similar to the Australian leg spinner Shane Warne

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