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Young Leader


Tejaswini is a dynamic young leader who embodies determination and resilience. Unapologetically herself, she revels in conquering challenges. As a rising entrepreneur and resourceful bootstrapper, Tejaswini takes bold actions to empower individuals and create a positive societal impact. She compliments her interest in the legal field with a refined talent in classical dance and singing, blending grace with discipline in every endeavor. Her forte lies in philanthropy and activism, where she champions meaningful change. For Tejaswini, raising the bar and transforming lives aren't just pursuits—they're her life's mission.


Tejaswini's talk will center on the transformative power of factfulness in cultivating tomorrow's global leaders within the youth ecosystem. She'll explore how interactions with parents, educators, peers and the surrounding community contributes to instilling leadership qualities from a young age. By advocating for inclusive and modern approaches to upbringing, Tejaswini will inspire her audience to recognize and harness the potential of today's youth in effecting positive change.

Fun Facts:

Once I've set my sights on something, I won't let go until I've got it! As a foodie, I never fear hunger because I can whip up a feast from scratch. Despite living in the land of seafood and feni, I've held onto my vegetarian and teetotaler status in Goa—talk about self-control! And hey, no matter how grown-up I get, you'll still find me cozying up with Barbie movies for a dose of nostalgia. After all, a little pink and plastic never hurt anyone!

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