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Tej Naik is the co-founder and Managing Director of Powerland Agro Tractor Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. Powerland, under his leadership, manufactures and exports one of the fastest electric ATV models in the world, achieving remarkable growth globally and taking a 'Made in Goa, India' product to the world. Winner of MSME Star Stories 2024 award for globalization excellence, Tej is not just about business. He’s a former Go-karting champion, having won the National Amaron Karting Championship in 2007. Tej is also a dog lover, taking care of many furry friends at his factory, blending speed, innovation, and compassion.


Tej will share how he led his company to develop one of the fastest electric ATVs in the world and broke barriers and successfully expanded its reach to over 22 countries.

Fun Facts:

  • Karting champ, having won the Amaron Karting Championship in 2007.

  • Considers dogs at his factory his most valued employees

  • Can talk endlessly about Formula 1

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