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Say hi to Soul Travelling's co-founder, Kedar Borkar! His love for Goa dragged him back from a cushy corporate job to building (& finding unique ways of promoting) offbeat Goan experiences.

"People save up to travel, go sightseeing and then return to their routines. We, want to make travel a part of this routine. It's not an escape. It's life itself"

Goa's perception in mainstream tourism inspired him to consciously craft a brand that doesn't cater to it.

"People ask if Goans start their days with a beer and if they party daily. Honestly, a lot of us don't like to party at all. We wanted to change this notion - show people that Goa is so much more than meets the eye."

Kedar has worked on building Soul Travelling's digital presence , introducing travelers to the concept of a 'walking tours' when no one knew what it meant. Building it from scratch and pioneering offbeat tourism in Goa was no feat, but he continues to work his magic.

"While self-growth is important, I feel that we need to think about the growth of the community as well. Soul Travelling is just getting started and we have a long way to go, empowering local communities and travel enthusiasts to reinvent Goa's perceptions and experiences, globally."


Kedar will be talking about how the economy generated from Tourism can be diverted towards/in the hands of the local community. How the tourism industry can be inclusive of all the communities rather than just the community from the mainstream areas.

Also , how local experiences, heritage monuments, local occupations , rituals and festivals can be marketed as something cool to witness rather than trying to protect or contribute towards it in the form of a donation or a responsibility

The talk will also revolve around how Kedar made responsible and sustainable travel a fun thing to do.

Fun Facts:

Love creating interesting stories around something that people find boring in general

I would choose an alternate career of being a musician , have professionally learnt the Indian instrument Tabla for more than 10 years and enjoy playing it occasionally

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