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TEDxMargao is delighted to present the 'Innovation Hub'. This initiative is designed to showcase the remarkable talents and innovative solutions developed by local Goan visionaries. Our goal is to create an experimental area where these groundbreaking ideas can be shared with a wider audience, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.


Below is a list of six ideas which will be presented at the Innovation Hub. These are Experiential ideas worth interacting with when you are there.

Smart Saline

Its a mobile app saline notification system. When the saline level is close to getting empty, it notifies the nurse.

Power Failure
Detection System

Power failure detection system is an internet of things-based network to help the electricity department to locate the power failures and correct them quickly and efficiently

Vertical Axis
small wind Turbine

Our turbine is small in size (7 mts x 3 mts). It is a vertical Axis wind turbine generating 60Kw of electricity per day


For women help to help person to disable

Limitless Possibilities Using Additive Manufacturing

A project showcases how fields of manufacturing art, medicine education can be transformed using additive manufacturing, technology.


Medical device for the treatment of high fevers, heat strokes, and device for Induced Hypothermia treatment.

Step on to the TEDxMargao Stage!

At TEDxMargao, we’re on a year-long quest to find speakers who can inform, inspire, surprise, and delight. Our event isn’t your typical conference—it's an experience, and our audience comes with high expectations. They look forward to hearing from amazing individuals who are revolutionizing the world with game-changing inventions, leading admired companies, designing beloved products, and creating cutting-edge media.

But we don't just spotlight established icons. TEDxMargao is also a launchpad for emerging artists, scientists, thinkers, and doers, bringing them into the TED community before they become mainstream sensations.

How do we choose our speakers?

Our curatorial team meticulously selects speakers, focusing on ideas and innovations that truly matter. We invite distinguished experts, visionary artists, passionate activists, and many more to deliver our signature TED Talks, sharing their research and insights with the world.


If you know someone who should grace the TEDxMargao stage—or if you believe that someone is you—we want to hear from you! Learn more about speaking at TEDxMargao, and fill out our speaker nomination form to tell us why this person should be in the spotlight.

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